Bad Drivers Essay

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Bad drivers have become an epidemic in the nation. They drive around recklessly and carelessly putting other drivers in danger and at risk. This includes motorcyclists. The current system is not doing its job reducing the bad drivers or bad driving habits. According to the website of the Texas department of public safety you will get your license revoked if you have “At least 4 moving traffic violations within a twelve 12 month period or At least 7 moving traffic violations within a 24 month period.” (Texas Department of Public Safety.)This does not help the problem because first of all you take away the license of someone who probably has many places they need to go and second of all when they return to the road their skills have not gotten any better and may even have gotten worse in the time they spend away from the road. In this paper we will tell you why bad drivers are a major problem in society and our way of reducing or maybe even solving this problem. Bad drivers come with all sorts of problems and bad driving skills. Their poor driving skills may be attributed to; driving too slow (usually where you drive under the speed limit) , being inattentive (lacking attention skill where you don’t pay attention to the road or inanimate objects around you and the road) this statistics states that “Distracted driving is a top danger behind the wheel. In fact, about eight out of 10 crashes involve some sort of driver inattention within three seconds of that crash.” (Sunni Blevins.), driving too fast (usually where you drive over the speed limit), according to this article “37% of drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 were speeding at the time of a fatal crash.” (drive steady) , just being reckless or careless, drinking and driving, according to this statistic “One-half (50%) of deaths ages 21 to 25 were drinking drivers, up from 44%

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