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Bad Breath Essay

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Bad Breath
Research References
      www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/bad-breath     Visual Aids
      Video on How To Tell A Friend
      Video on How To Tell A Stranger
      Orbit Gum Commercial
      Video on How Breath is Common
      The purpose of this speech is to inform people on bad breath
      I would like to let people know bad breath is a problem we all     may have at some point but it is preventable
      Through my research and personal experience, I have found     information about this problem that could help others in     the long run
      I will be telling you how you can tell a friend, how you can tell     a stranger and ways to prevent bad breath
      Ever had that friend that has no concept of what personal space is, and on top of that their breath wasn’t always so pleasant?
      There are a lot of factors that go along with telling a friend
      If you’ve known this person for a while you can sort of be blunt     and say you might want to chew some gum or have a mint
      If you and this person are new friends you would approach it     in a non-threatening way, for example you can say have a piece     of gum or a mint
    3.Someone approaches you out of the blue they look nice, their conversation is pleasant but their mouth is a wee bit tart. What do you do?
B. The first thing to realize is that you don’t want to be rude so be as considerate as possible
      In Conclusion bad breath, no matter the situation, can be taken   care of it you’re serious about treating it     A. I hope you all now know bad breath is a problem that we all may have at some point but never forget that all problems have solutions
B. So now you know how to tell a friend, a stranger and ways to prevent bad breath

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