How Do Children Affect Children Today

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The behavior in children today has gotten significantly worse compared to prior generations. Children seem to be lacking many of the fundamental values installed to earlier generations. They show less regard for authority and disciplinary figures in their lives. Children in the current times seem to have lost many of the morals and values once found in previous generations. Parents of earlier generations thought of these as crucial fundamentals and elements for their children to learn and be taught. You see children show disobedience and utter disrespect towards their guardians all the time. One of the most common occurrences of this is the temper-tantrum. Another great example is the blatant ignorance that they show their authority figures. They will acknowledge their been spoke to in some sort of physical gesture, mainly looking. Yet, they will ignore…show more content…
There are several things that we could blame the increase of bad behavior on. For example the significant increase of chemical imbalances in the brain causing a rise in mental deficiency. I think the main cause is the lack of assertive parenting in the many young parents today. Maybe, the young parents having babies are not ready to be parents. The parents of children in this generation and future generations to come need to quit taking short cuts and step up. They need to quit trying to revert the attention to an alternate problem and take the responsibility. Take responsibility for the lack of discipline and lack of assertive parenting. No person can be a good parent and be lazy and withdrawn from the parenting
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