Bacterical Mutagenesis Essay

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| | |Bacterial Mutagenesis | |Antibiotic Resistance in Escherichia coli | | | |Christina Yeast | |17 November 2009 | | | Abstract A mutation is any change in the DNA chromosome or sequence that is permanent and will be inherited by future generations. Mutations can either be spontaneous, where the exact cause is unknown, or induced, through treatment with a physical or chemical agent. A culture of Escherichia coli is split into two parts, where one part remains untreated and is plated on nutrient agar plates containing ampicillin and the other half of the culture is treated with ultraviolet radiation. From the UV treated culture, is split in half and has two different post treatments of incubation, one in visible light and one in dark conditions. These are then also plated on the nutrient agar containing ampicillin. After twenty-four hours of incubation the colony count on these plates can determine the spontaneous and induced mutation rates by comparing the

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