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Reassessment summer 2009 MS1005N General Biochemistry (Module Leader: Dr D. Perumal) Summary Component Reassessment Task Reassessment Environment (include length if exam) Additional info (optional) CWK – Practical Report Non time-constrained Practical Report – 1000 words Handed in by standard deadline EXU – Unseen Exam Unseen time-constrained examination Exam (1 hour) OTH – Practical Attendance Not reassessed n/a Coursework Practical Report based on Practical 2: SEPARATION OF ANALGESICS BY THIN LAYER ADSORPTION CHROMATOGRAPHY Instructions:  The practical brief for Practical 2 is as on Page 18 of the 2008-09 Module Booklet. It is also included below.  You are required to write a full practical report (1000 words) using the results obtained during the practical. Please read the guidelines at the end of this schedule when writing up. Practical 2 Introduction Separation of compounds on a thin layer of supporting medium (i.e. TLC or thin layer chromatography) is very rapid and gives good resolution at low concentrations. Separation may be by adsorption, ion exchange, partition or gel filtration depending on the medium employed. Separated compounds may be detected by methods not possible on paper, for example with corrosive sprays; in this practical the isolated spots are visualised under ultraviolet (UV) light. Here analgesics are separated by adsorption on a thin layer of silica gel using an ethyl ethanoate/ethanol/ethanoic acid solvent mixture. Method TLC plates Silica gel TLC aluminium sheets will be provided. Handle them carefully by their edges to prevent flaking. Preparation of chromatography tank Line small beakers with paper which as it becomes soaked in the solvent produces a saturated atmosphere. Add the solvent provided to the beaker to a depth of about 1 cm and cover with clingfilm.Beware of

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