Bacons Rebellion Essay

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Kyle Adamson Gallup AP-U.S. History 3 9/1/13 Bacon’s Rebellion Bacon’s Rebellion of 1676 was caused by Governor William Berkeley and Native Americans working together to maintain peace and take of each other. Nathaniel Bacon was a farmer of his land, which was raided by Native Americans, and they killed his overseer. This made him furious and he formed a rebel group with other planters in his area. He was elected the leader of the rebels because he was very sympathetic to the cause of the average farmer. Bacon said that the government was wicked, incapable, and unjust. Bacon defended his actions in a speech where he said that he was protecting his lands and his family. Bacon’s first action of a leader of citizens was he sent Governor Berkeley a request to become an officer. He did this so he could legally attack the Native Americans William Berkeley was the governor of the colonies. When he received Bacon’s commission's letter, before he could reply he was immediately threatened by his actions and without any consent he declared his actions illegal and Nathaniel Bacon an outlaw. William Berkeley was helping with some of the Native tribes and making trades with them. That is why he never went into battles with them. Slow to act to Indian attacks, Berkeley was viewed as incompetent because levied unfair taxes, appointing friends to high positions, and failing to protect frontier settlers from Indian attack, making his authority easy to undermine. Disagreements over Indian policy led Bacon to rebel against Berkeley. After months of conflict, Bacon's forces, numbering 300-500 men, moved to Jamestown. They burned the colonial capital to the ground on September 19, 1676. Outnumbered, Berkeley returned to Jamestown in January of 1677. The Native Americans were a cause for the rebellion because they attacked and raided plantations in the area. They did not want

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