Bacon's Rebellion

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Bacon’s Rebellion Outline * Introduction * Thesis * Background information * Identify what was bacon’s Rebellion? * Was a Revolt against the Virginian Government and the Indians * It started from an artificial scarcity of land that was developed by a small group of elite tobacco planters who were acquiring all of the good land. * It affected the free indentured servants, poor tobacco planters, and smallholding farmers, poor colonist. * What Factors led to Bacon’s Rebellion? * Oppression of Indentured servants * Navigation acts making tobacco prices to high, with no profit * Governor his friends land advances * Restrict the vote to only landowners * Consequences of Bacon’s Rebellion * Bacon was imprisoned * The whole town of Virginia was burnt down * Social Instability was complicated by a slow economy, due to navigation acts (High Tabaco cost) * Over production of tobacco and high taxes led to financial instability * What was the long term importance of the rebellion? * Prompted White landowners to get rid of indentured servants and replace with African slaves * The rebellion also decimated the remaining tribes in Virginia and forced many of the survivors to flee the colony. * How did influence the south? * By them replacing the servants with all african slaves, with the thought of them being property not a humans. It created a line of Racism. Bacon’s Rebellion In Virginia’s early stages of becoming a colony, it had a rough start. People who came to the early Virginia colony were promised land and indentured servants who came from Britain to start a new life; were promised a head right once free. The newly freed Indentured servants, poor tobacco planters,
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