Bacon as an Essayist. Essay

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There are six major types of literature, poetry, drama, novel, essay and short story writing. Essay writing is fourth major kind of literature, essay means any brief composition in prose that undertakes to discuss, a matter or to express a point of view, or a brief comprehensive thesis on any subject, if it is called an essay. Further there are two major kinds of essay. Formal essay and informal essay. Formal essay means personal essay that an author writes as an authority on any subject. But the informal essay means familiar or personal essay. In which an author assumes a tone of intimacy with readers and writes in a relaxed mood. Essay was defined in different ways by different people Bacon defines an essay is a dispersed meditation. Dr. Johnson defines an essay is a loose elegant condition of mind. An irregular undignified piece, not a regular composition. Modern people define essay in different ways . According to them an essay is a composition of moderate length on a particular subject. E.V. Lawwis says a good essay more than a novel, a poem, a play, a treatise in personality translated into print. Before the modern era essays were composed by Greek authors, among whome Cicaro, Theaphratus, Plutarch, means the secret of getting mundane properity in every field of life. For instance, how to become rich and prosperious how to rise our self in a high society, how to rise or to become wise, morally, philosophically, plolitically and intellectually, how to get power in society, how to make friends, how to get love and marriage. So Bacons position in the history of English essay is unique and remarkable. Taking a profound study of philosophy and morality Bacone applied both in his essays, especially to get the mundane success. Therefore Bacons essays are called a beautiful “ Treasure house of wisdom” Bacon appeared in his essays under the mask of a moralist,

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