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THE STRUCTURE OF A THESIS ESSAY: Should students in Ontario have the right to free University / college education? LOCATION IN ESSAY|TERM|INFORMATION| Introductory Paragraph | General introductory statement(s): Thesis (main argument): Three supporting arguments:|Higher education should be free for all in Ontario. Students in Ontario should have the right to free education. University and College can be expensive, Canada is one of the richest countries and can afford it and everyone should have an equal chance at higher education. | First Body Paragraph| Topic sentence: Proof/Example # 1 Proof Example # 2 Proof/Example # 3 Concluding sentence:|Higher education is too expensive and not everyone can afford it. Not everyone can afford to go to university. It can cost up to 6,000 per year depending on the program, this is not including books, residence, food, clothes, and transportation. Some students who receive a higher education come out with tons of money in debt. Students in Ontario should have the right to a free University / College education. | Second Body Paragraph| Topic sentence: Proof/Example # 1 Proof/Example # 2 Proof/Example # 3 Concluding sentence:|Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, and can afford post-secondary education for its young people. In many countries of the world some of which are significantly poorer than Canada, there are no tuition fees or only small registration fees for citizens attending public universities. Canada spent billions of dollars on a war machine that does little or nothing for Canadians, and could of went to something a little more important like a free higher education. Canada spent $35 billion on new warships and new warplanes, when Canada has not had to defend itself against an invasion for two centuries and when no one is threatening

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