Background Check Essay

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A background check is a thorough search of an individual’s credit history, criminal history, driving records, past employment, and finances. Background checks are often requested by employers searching for potential employees, especially applicants seeking a position that requires handling large sums of money or secure information. These checks are administered by government agencies or by private companies. Under the Fair Trade Commission’s (FTC) Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a background check is considered a consumer report. There are two types of consumer reports: an investigative consumer report and a consumer report. Since backgrounds checks are being used more often people should be aware of what they are, what employers look for, and what are one’s rights? According to the FCRA, an investigative consumer report is a report that is based on interviews with employers, co-workers, neighbors or others and is most commonly used for employment or insurance investigations. Information such as a consumer's credit record shall not be included if it’s obtained from a creditor or a consumer reporting agency. A consumer report is based on supposed fact, but not always accurate information. It includes identity verification, personal information, financial history, and criminal history. Identity verification confirms an individual’s date of birth and social security number. Personal information consists of the people with whom the individual resided, address history, and neighbors. Financial history contains information such as bankruptcies, tax liens, and property or vehicle ownership. Criminal history includes nationwide criminal records, DUIs, and sexual offenses. The responsibilities of a potential employee determine what type of background check is adequate. Employers should utilize background checks when the information is necessary. For instance a military
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