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Back to School Bash (for Kids 18 and Younger) Essay

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Melting Away |
By: Deondre Floyd-Bamberg |
  I found this project a little exciting due to the models I had been able to build. The purpose of this project is to test what household objects combined can insulate the cold air from an ice cube and prevents it from melting and sustain the freezing point of the ice. I used aluminum foil, paper, and cardboard for the materials materials for the ice boxes. I also added two substances which were salt, and sugar. The salt in this experiment forces its way into the ice cube, therefore bonding with small particles of the ice molecules to raise the freezing point. Since the salt has a higher concentration then the ice causing the ice to dry and become hard to melt. The sugar intrudes the water molecules which need to bond with ice crystals to be able to freeze.As result from the experiments, the aluminum foil has topped the cake than the other ice boxes. |

Table of Contents
  1. Question--------------------------------pg.3
  2. Purpose---------------------------------pg.3
  3. Hypothesis-----------------------------pg.3
  4. Materials-------------------------------pg.3
  5. Procedures----------------------------pg.4
  6. Experiment----------------------------pg.4
  7. Data/Graph--------------------------pg.4-5
  8. Observation---------------------------pg.5
  9. Conclusion----------------------------pg.6

What is the best way to keep an ice cube from melting by using household items like paper, aluminum foil, Styrofoam?
The purpose of this project is to test what household materials can be used to insulate an ice cube to keep it from melting as long as it can.
I think the aluminum foil will seal the ice cube and keep it solid.
  * Ice
  * Timer
  * Aluminum Foil
  * Copy Paper
  * Cardboard
  * Container
  * Salt
  * Sugar
  * Procedures
  1. Gather a bunch of different materials including waxed paper, aluminum foil,...

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