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My first day of school He first day of school I felt scared excited wondering who was going to be in my class. Lets put it this way mixed emotions. The first day of school was exciting it all started when my mom woke me up. I woke my brother ,I brushed my teeth I took a shawer I changed, brushed my hair I got changed I put my shoes. My brother told me if I was ready, then to tell my mom that we were going to leave my mom said “ok be careful”, I got into the car we went to pick my brother friends Fernando and Jose Luis. 8:10 that’s my first period. My first period class is homeroom with Mrs. Brown. What we do in that class is she reads the schedule and we rase and do the plege aligens then some times she gives use time to talk and then somr times she gives use work to work on . Mrs. Brown is a l.A and history teacher she is really nice and a cool teacher. 8:30-10:00 is math and science. My math and science teacher is Mrs.Selee . Mrs Selee is a nice math teacher she helps use a lot. In math I have a “A”. I like math a little bit at some points it gets hard but when I put a lot of efforts and pay a lot of attention . 9:15 that’s science. I like science so I try to pay a lot of attention. When I am inscience I hardly get picked to read but when I am in math I get picked a lot. I also like science because I like going to the science lab because we do experiment in their and all fun stuff. 10:05 thats fourth period. In forth period its Spanish. In Spanish we can talk Spanish we play this game named bosta we also do fun work sheats. Not all people like Spanish but the people that know Spanish hardly pay attention but I speack Spanish and I still find it fun to be able to know more Spanish then what I know. My teacher is Mrs. Anna. 10:55thats 5th period . IN fith period I have p.e. my P.E teacher is

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