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Do You Need a Back Scratch? I believe in scratching someone else’s back. This simple, yet kind gesture could be one of the nicest things one could do for another. Unfortunately however, it is commonly avoided due to our inability to overcome our personal touchy-feely paranoia. This fear of “invading” another person’s personal space should temporarily be nulled when someone desperately needs their back scratched. Additionally, people could view scratching one’s back as awkward. When one overcomes the fear of being viewed as awkward and the fear of touching another person, he could do a tremendous act which is invaluable for the person whose back he is scratching. If someone asks you to scratch his back, whether or not you know him, just take a second to think of a time when you were in his position and desperately needed your back to be scratched. This idea may sound strange at first; after all, who would want to go ahead and offer to scratch someone else’s back? Well, I used to think the same until one day, something disastrous happened to me. I was in my kitchen peacefully eating fruit and all of a sudden it happened. The loathsome itch came from nowhere and sent my back into a minor spasm. I tried scratching it from every possible angle, but my hand just could not reach the itch, the situation seemed hopeless. My sister walked in to the room, ignoring my peculiar attempt to scratch my back, and went into the fridge to grab a glass of milk. “Naomi,” I begged, “please scratch my back, I have a horrible itch that I am having trouble reaching.” Being my sister, Naomi had no interest in helping me with my problems, let alone by scratching my back. “Naomi,” I pleaded, “please just think about those times when you have had horrible itches on your back.” She thought for a second, and reluctantly complied to scratch my back. The feeling was beyond imagination, and I

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