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Bachelors Information Technology Essay

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Work File Review: Parenting 1.3

Site 1  
Using the article Raising your $220,000 baby determine answers to the following.

1. Based on your reading the cost of raising a second child for a
Typical income family is _______________________
Lower income family is ________________________
Higher income family is ________________________
2. What are three costs that are left out of the average amount?
a. _____________________________
b. _____________________________
c. _____________________________

Refer to the How much will your family spend chart to answer the following

3. Rank the categories of expenses from the most costly to least costly.

4. Analyze which categories would be easier to adjust for a dual parent family that becomes a single parent family.

Site 2

5. Read the suggestions for a healthy lifestyle leading to a baby’s solid growth and development and explain why these suggestions are important for a prospective parent to follow.  

Site 3

6. Defend this statement—“Discipline and punishment are not the same thing.”

Word Bank for questions 7 – 12
Self-worth self-control sarcasm     more       respect     positive     bad     more

7. Discipline guides a child to ________.

8. Negative methods of behavior correction include verbal abuse, humiliation and ________.

9. Discipline is respectful, accepting and comforting, which enhances ___________.

10. The ________ one knows about stages of child development the more one will be able to positively guide children.

11.   “_______ parents have difficulty with disciplining children.” This belief is often felt by parents.

12.   When treated with ____________children learn __________behaviors.

13.   List the six biggest roadblocks to effective discipline. Choose one and discuss why it would be considered to be a roadblock.

14.   List the six methods of effective discipline. Choose one and explain why it would be an effective method of discipline....

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