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The three religions are major forces in the world today in spiritual, historical, and literary ways. Their three conceptions of the origin are very similar especially with the spiritual origins. The Christians believed that their religion began at the beginning of time with the Fall of Adam and the promise of the Messiah implicit in the Tree of Life symbolism that symbolized the Atonement and Jesus Christ's mission to redeem mankind from the fall. The Christians believed that the New Testament or the Four Gospels as well as the letters of the Apostle Paul were a renewal of the covenants of God with his people and the Gentiles. In several places in Matthew, Jesus testifies to His being with Abraham as Jehovah of the Old Testament…show more content…
In the literature, Judaism begins with the Pentateuch or the first five books of Moses, the Torah-interpretations of the law, and the Mishnah were writings that gave rise to Judaism today. Historically, the Judaic religion arose from the founder which was Abraham, the Hebrew leader and patriach who gave birth to the Hebrew race and then to Moses, who created the Mosaic law that was the foundation of the Jewish religion. Other influences has been the Babylonian captivity where the Jews were carried away and they had to create the synagogue to replace the temple. Islam is similar in that the Muslim claimed that the message of Allah was prophesied through the Old Testament by the prophets from Ishmael, who taught the teachings of the One True God, Allah. This was handed down by different prophets especially prophets like Jesus. The literature is centered in the revelation of Allah in the Quoran that was revealed to Mohammed. Other doctrines were written in the book called the Hadith that were interpretations of Mohammed by future prophets. Historically, the Islamic religion began with the prophet Mohammed, who

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