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Baby Mama “Angie Ostrowiski I am going to put my baby in you,” says Kate Holbrook. At age 37 Kate Holbrook, Tina Fey, has decided to have a kid on her own. After trying everyway possible to become pregnant and not succeeding, surrogacy is her last hope. In walks Angie Ostrowiski (Amy Poehler) to answer her prayers that is where the quote “Angie Ostrowiski I am going to put my baby in you” comes from. Through many obstacles including jobs, boyfriends, family issues, and complicated lies the two ladies discover their own perfect family. At the end of the movie when Angie Ostrowiski is in the hospital having her baby Kate Holbrook passes out waking up to find out that she is pregnant. Baby Mama has some laugh out loud moments, and in general I found myself smiling through the whole thing. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler do a great job in this movie with their crazy humor and great acting skills. Their experience from Saturday Night Live (SNL) reflects in their humor on the big screen. The path these characters take show real life situations in a comedic atmosphere. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler prove that great comedy can come from female collaborations. Saturday Night Live has produced great comics such as Adam Sandler, Steve Martin, and Jim Carey. This movie reflects that these two female comedians will continue that tradition. The issues of surrogacy are dealt with through comedy and shows family is family even though it is not traditional. In conclusion, Baby Mama is a comedy that will keep most people laughing, and defiantly everyone will be smiling through out. I do believe that there is plenty of opportunities through out this entire movie that will make you laugh out loud to the

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