Baby Dumping Essay

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( SECTION C )Task 4: EXPOSITORY ESSAY SOCIAL ILLS: BABY DUMPING Malaysia is proud to go into the new millennium of science and technology. But we forget the social ills in the country. Almost daily there are reports about babies found in toilets, side drains, landfills and other places without the slightest sense of humanity. Baby dumping is a crime that occurred as a result of unwanted pregnancies. When a teenage girl or women wished to conceal the deception, many teenagers are pregnant out of wedlock can only afford to throw the baby. They are desperate due to embarrassment and fear of the consequences that will occur. In this case, it cannot be denied that the lack of religious education is one of the main reasons for abandonment cases to occur. Usually young people are the ones who are involved in the case of abandonment. They lost direction due to lack of religious education which is guidance in life, and they engage in negative activities, such as drinking, smoking, free sex and etc. Teenagers involved in these activities such as relationship outside of nature and cause the teenage girl to get pregnant before marriage. In such cases, the teenager who lost their faith would be inhumane to leave newborn in places such as public toilets, litter bins, side drains and so forth. Lack of parental attention and supervision also contributed to this problem. Parents are too busy looking for wealth and neglect of children. They are not aware with whom their children interact and make friends. Because of this, the children will become bored and feeling unappreciated causes them to seek resources from the affection of others. It’s getting worse if they get love from people of different gender and unrelated. Furthermore, peer influence also contributed to this problem. At a young age, teenagers are easily influenced by their peers. Negative partners will be invited

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