Baby Boomers Essay

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Baby Boom Essay It is said that kids are the future of a country. Canada’s future is also in hand of Canadian children. One important event that took place in Canadian history, which proved that statement, was baby boom. Baby boom in Canada lasted from 1946 to 1961. During this time Canada’s population increased by fifty percent, from 12 million to 18 million. Due to great depression and World War two people did not had big families; therefore, this was the time for people to have large families. There was better medical care then before that’s why fewer babies died. Overall Canadian population increased rapidly. (Cruxton, J.Bradley and Wilson, W.Douglas. Spotlight Canada: Fourth Edition. Canada: Oxford University Press, 2000.) The era of baby boom impacted Canada in form of women, education, and economy. During the era of baby boom, women came into work force. They were portrayed as housewives but they still came out to work because of their children. They started working so they cane get more money to raise their kids better. They wanted to give their child better future. In the starting many women started working as teachers and baby sitters. Later on women actually started joining labour force and other jobs. Between 1950 and 1960, 35% of the female population had jobs ( /studies/75001 /archive/1994/pear1994006004s4a03.pdf). In 1950, women labour force participation was 33.9%. In other words one out of every three women had job in labour force. (, Susan M. Heathfield). There were even advertisements portraying women in workplace. Women were invited to work force during the era of baby boom through posters and TV advertisements. This was probably one of the biggest reasons that women started working. Now women new that everyone

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