Baby Boomer Consumers

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I have chosen to research the baby boomer generation. Young males returning to the United States, Canada, and Australia following tours of duty overseas during World War II began families, which brought about a significant number of new children into the world. This dramatic increase in the number of births from 1946 to 1964 is called the Baby Boom. The dramatic increase in births during the Baby Boom helped to lead to exponential rises in the demand for consumer products, suburban homes, automobiles, roads, and services. Baby boomers are the first people to be exposed to consumer culture some of their characteristics include that they are well educated and also have quite good disposable income with them. They are actually considered as the maker of our economies because they have faced all the heat of different incidents that were occurred in their time. Baby Boomer consumer perception is typically affected by advertising, reviews, public relations, social media, and personal experiences. The baby boom generation control more than 70% of the total net worth of American households which equals a whopping 7 trillion dollars. Marketers and advertiser are making millions of dollars just by catering to the baby boom generation. Marketers profit off of Senior. If you think about it everywhere that you go, restaurants, shopping outlets, malls, movie theaters, and recreational facilities, these places all have senior discounts. I personally think that seniors deserve to be catered to. I hope the good Lord blesses me with senor years. The perception of the baby boom generation is tremendously enhanced by hungry marketer, and advertisers. It has been proved that the baby boom generation will out spend generation X, and the millennium generation by millions of dollars. They have had all the experiences and now benefiting us from their experiences. Most of them did not
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