Baby Essay

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Having a baby for the very first time creates so many mixed emotions. Excitement, anxious, scary, but the outcome is so beautiful. Being parents is a hard job, fun filled, and something to be very proud of. The picture of the new parents holding their baby immediately shows the parents emotional reactions. It was just nine months ago, when the parents found out they finally were going to be parents. The mother and father were so excited, but deep down the father was bery nervous. After a while though, the other would waddle around, and the husband helped her out along the way. This is when he finally realized it will be amazing to be a father. He could picture sitting and hold the baby while feeding it. The mother, and accomplished women who has wanted a baby for sometime, is just completely excited by it all. The time has come, the mother being rushed into the hospital. All she can think of is how much pain she’s in. For the father, he is hoping that everything will turn out perfect. He knows deep down inside everything will turn out well. Hours of giving labor, they both finally have a warm, tiny, precious baby. As the tears run down their faces, the husband is kissing the love of his life’s forehead. The baby, precious and beautiful, rested in his mothers arms getting used to its surroundings. So that the baby would fall asleep, the father took it out of the mothers’ hands to let her rest and fed the baby. Months of worrying, and being scared of being new parents really pays off at the end. Being parents may be a hard job, but there are so many good memories and things to be proud of that make things so much better as a

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