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Babies by design The creation and birth of a baby are the most emotional and intimate experiences in a couple’s life. However, when this cannot occur because of infertility or other medical issues that make pregnancy risky or impossible, more and more people are supporting the idea of reproductive alternatives such as surrogacy or egg and sperm donation. Surrogacy can be defined as an arrangement in which a woman becomes pregnant and delivers a child for another person or couple. Generally in vitro fertilisation is carried out to accomplish this deal. In detail, according to some research there are two major types of surrogacy. On the one hand, in the traditional surrogacy, a woman is artificially inseminated using her own egg, in this case she is biologically related to the baby. The woman’s egg is fertilised using sperm from the intended father or from a donor. On the other hand, in a gestational surrogacy, a woman is impregnated with the intended mother’s egg or that of a donor; and sperm from the intended father or that from a donor. In addition to all this, there are some instances when surrogacy is a signed contract in which money is involved. Not only the surrogate mother is monetary compensated, but all medical and personal expenses are covered during her pregnancy. The surrogacy process is a happy, joyful and rewarding experience that is built on mutual respect, friendship and teamwork. Becoming a surrogate to help make dreams come true for prospective parents is one of the most amazing gifts a woman can offer. Ideal surrogates are women who are emotionally giving and who have had positive pregnancies and birth experiences. Surrogates must be physically and emotionally healthy, who don’t use drugs, smoke or abuse alcohol. (“Prospective surrogates,” 2013). In some cases when there is a single parent, the best options to conceive a child are: sperm or egg

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