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Matthew Thurman Babies It’s interesting to think how all of see ourselves as unique, with our own distinctions, characteristics that set us apart from the masses and for the most part that assumption would be a solid one, however most seem to overlook the fundamental principle that defines us and this documentary highlights just that, specifically in our development from infancy to around toddler. Chronicling several babies from all differing cultures and through a mere camera lens captures the at times polar opposites in environment. The observations throughout are best understood if viewed in a sociological perspective 1 as the keep this mindset throughout and look for the outstanding in the mundane not only in the shifts of customs but more importantly within the development of each child and their relationship not only to their caregiver also the environment they’ve been born into and how that shapes them. If we are to look at these cultures truly to note the numerous experiences it would be neglectful to not apply an encompassing point of view or a global perspective 2 in order to show how for the most part the findings of this film is that the babies all seem to be around the same area of development so for me as a view and keeping a sociological perspective about me the question for me was what became the biggest influence for the nature vs. nurture 3 debate. Breaking down the individual time for socialization 4 depending on if it was with the parents such as with the African baby primarily who never left his family’s side the entire documentary opposed to the Mongolian and Prairie babies, the correlation 5 of the two will most likely result with both a positive and a negative. While it would seem that all babies are happy the one in the most ill-fated living conditions or could also be referred to as non-material culture 6 has the closest and most loving

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