Babe Ruth Essay

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Topic : Baseball Carreer A. pg. 487 – Babe Ruth started his baseball carreer on a minor league team in the early 1900’s. A. pg. 487 – Babe A. pg. 487 – As a pitcher, Babe pitched 158 games, had 89 wins, 46 losses. A. pg. 487 – Babe had 2 20-win seasons. A. pg. 488 – Babe was traded to the Yankees in 1919 because the manager of the Red Sox needed money to start his Broadway carreer. D. pg.383 – As a Yankee, Babe added 5 more wins and went 3-0 in World Series play on the mound. A. pg. 488 – In Babe’s first year with the Yank’s he had 54 dingers and a whopping .376 batting average. B. pg. 504 – Babe had a streak of 29 ½ consecutive inning without a run. A. pg. 504 – Babe ended his pitching carreer with a 2.28 era. C. pg. 541 – Ruth ended his carreer playing 22 seasons and had 714 carreer home runs. B. pg. 505 – George played for the Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and the Boston Braves. B. pg. 506 – Ruth played as a pitcher, outfield, and a powerful hitter. B. pg. 506 - Ruth finished his carreer with a .342 batting average, and he led the the league 10 years in the homeruns catogorie. C. pg. 540 – Babe held over 50 reconds at one point. F. 3 – Ruth’s number (3) was retired in Yankee Stadium.was traded from the Braves minor league team and to the Boston Red Sox in

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