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In game three of the 1932 World Series against the Chicago Cubs, Babe was battingin the fifth inning. After pitcher Charlie Root took him to a count of two strikes and two balls, he appeared to point to center field and to shout something at Root. He hit the next pitch about 500 feet into the stands behind center field, the longest home run ever hit at Wrigley Field. Ruth wanted to manage a major league team following his career, but the opportunity never arrived. His production began to fall off and he ended his career with the Boston Braves in 1935. At the time of his retirement, his regular season record of 714 home runs was hundreds ahead of his closest competitor and would not be exceeded until Hank Aaron hit his 715th in 1974. His lifetime slugging average of .690 has never been approached. When the Baseball Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 1936, Ruth was one of its first six inductees. Ruth spent only five months with the Orioles before he was sold to the Boston Red Sox. During three seasons in Boston, Ruth was primarily a pitcher. In his first World Series, he pitched 29 2/3rds scoreless innings, breaking Christy Mathewson's record and setting a mark that would stand for 43 years. The Red Sox won the World Series that year and again in 1918. In three regular seasons, Ruth had compiled a record of 94 wins and 46 losses, but despite his stellar performance as a pitcher, he was already developing a greater reputation as a hitter. He played some outfield and some first base during the 1918 season. Playing exclusively outfield for the first time in 1919, he set the major league record with 29 home runs, but the Red Sox finished far behind in the pennant race. Since they were Catholic, neither Babe nor Helen believed in divorce. However, by 1925 Babe and Helen were permanently separated, with their adopted daughter living with Helen. When Helen died in a

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