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Objective The Baba-Nyonya is a unique community and cultural phenomenon in an era of momentous transition. They are rich with the cultural heritage; cuisine, fashion and arts. Their beliefs and society structural are originated mixture of Chinese and Malay. Thus, this assignment was conducted. There are many objective goals to be achieved through this assignment. Firstly, we can know the social and culture of Baba-Nyonya ethnic. As we all know, Baba-Nyonya has their very unique and interesting culture. These cultures are really rare and different from other races because Baba-Nyonya is the combination of two ethnics in Malaysia. They modify the culture of their origin races and form their own style of beliefs and culture. Next, we can know and identify the achievement and development of Baba-Nyonya ethnics. Baba-Nyonya already present in Malaysia since long time ago. Their development and achievement in all field has got praises and compliment from the public. Among these fields, their food is the Malaysian’s favorites. The sweet and spicy taste of the Baba-Nyonya dishes is really delicious. In addition, Baba-Nyonya is not the main races in Malaysia. Malaysian usually have some popular misperception towards Baba-Nyonya about their origin, history, festivals, et cetera. By conducting this assignment, we can identify the popular misperception of Baba-Nyonya and corrected it. This is important to prevent the misperception continues to pass to the next generation. Moreover, the importance to study the Baba-Nyonya in Penang is to understand the importance of preserving the Baba-Nyonya culture among the Malaysian communities. Nowadays, Baba-Nyonya is hardly found in the society. The number of Baba-Nyonya in the society is getting lesser and lesser. The globalization and modernization of the society is too fast and they could not catch up the steps and finally to

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