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Running head: VIRTUAL TEAMS | 1 | Virtual teams are not necessarily new to the MNC, however, with the recent rapid development of technology in the corporate marketplace, virtual teams have grown exponentially. This growth has allowed for cost savings related to travel, for work to be accomplished quicker through better communication and team collaborative efforts. There are many factors that go into a successful virtual team. Primarily, the bulk of the factors are technology related – connection issues, login/passwords, software related, etc. With all of that in mind, there are ways to lead the virtual team revolution that will work now and evolve into working into the future. Establish and maintain trust through the use of communication technology – this is a arguably the single most important factor in virtual teams. As the name implies, the teams are ‘virtual’ – geographically spread out through an area that could include multiple continents. This sparsely located team must have a strong trust in each other to accomplish the work desired, without having the ‘boss breathing down your neck’. Because of these factors, without having the trust amongst the team, it would be difficult to get anything accomplished long term, let alone in the immediate future. According to the text, “Managers must focus on developing shared norms regarding how information will be communicated, how technology will be used, and what information may be shared outside of the team.” (Caligiuri, Lepak, & Bonache, 2010, p. 119)Taking apart that sentence and examining each individual aspect will be key to the understanding of the importance of the trust relationship. Developing shared norms – what does this mean? This is a definable, understandable and implementable method of communication that is standard across the organization. Having a singular template for meeting

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