Ba107 Make and Receive Telephone Calls

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Outcome 1 – Understand how to make telephone calls 1.1 Describe the different features of telephone systems and how to use them. Telephones have multi functions so different purposes. A hold button is which puts someone on hold, caller waiting lets people know that someone is waiting. Caller id shows the number of the contact calling and if known it will show their name and details. Call forwarding allows calls to be directed to different offices and people for different reason, if no one answers or it’s a different department which is needed. Speed dial is a quick way to set someone’s number which you can easily call for example in needs of emergency. A group connection which is mostly for businesses connects the whole business in a conference call allowing employees to hear and speak together as a group. Voice mail: One common and frequently used feature on modern telephone systems are voice mail. If a person is unable to take a call or is already on the phone a voice mail allows the caller to record messages which can be accessed at your own convenience. Conference calling: Some business phones have conference-calling features to allow a number of people to participate in a call all at the same time. This is mostly just for business purposes and the call will keep going until all members have hung up. Call-management features: Systems offer various features for managing incoming calls. A useful feature is call transfer, which will allow you to transfer calls from your number to another. Another used feature is calling holding. If you’re currently using the phone and receive another incoming call, you can put the first on hold and attend to the second. 1.2 Give reasons for identifying the purpose of a call before making it. It’s very important to identify the purpose of the call when working in a business environment, making you sound more

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