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General training tips These tips apply essentially to traditional work-related training - for the transfer of necessary job- or work-related skills or knowledge. When planning training think about: • your objectives - keep them in mind all the time • how many people you are training • the methods and format you will use • when and how long the training lasts • where it happens • how you will measure its effectiveness • how you will measure the trainees' reaction to it When you you give skills training to someone use this simple five-step approach: 1. prepare the trainee - take care to relax them as lots of people find learning new things stressful 2. explain the job/task, skill, project, etc - discuss the method and why; explain standards and why; explain necessary tools, equipment or systems 3. provide a demonstration - step-by-step - the more complex, the more steps - people cannot absorb a whole complicated task all in one go - break it down - always show the correct way - accentuate the positive - seek feedback and check understanding 4. have the trainee practice the job - we all learn best by actually doing it - ('I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand' - Confucius) 5. monitor progress - give positive feedback - encourage, coach and adapt according to the pace of development Some tips to make training (and learning, coaching, mentoring) more enjoyable and effective: • keep instructions positive ('do this' rather than 'don't do this') • avoid jargon - or if you can't then explain them and better still provide a written glossary • you must tailor training to the individual, so you need to be prepared to adapt the pace according to the performance once training has begun • encourage, and be kind and thoughtful - be accepting of mistakes, and treat them as an opportunity for

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