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(Prospectus) BA 595 Texas A&M Commerce Dr. Donald English Abstract The clothing resale industry has become popular over the last few years. With a slow economy and high unemployment, consumers are watching their pennies and seeking value for less. Through recession and recovery resale clothing is the best option for savvy, environmentally conscious consumers. Clothing Resale: The Benefits of Yesterday Today Chapter 1 Introduction Background With a large family and a single income, making ends meet requires a large amount of time devoted to saving money whenever and wherever possible. My family likes to buy name brand clothing; as a matter of fact, my wife and I rarely buy off-brand clothing for our children. However, brand name means spending more money than we can afford, so we frequent yard sales and thrift stores. During this process, learning that the quality and condition of most second-hand clothing articles we purchased was on par or better than retail items was surprising. In more cases than not buying resale instead of retail made more economic sense for our budget. The notion that tightening a budget meant degrades in appearance and lifestyle became less eminent. Problem Statement Resale is defined as selling a product that has previously been sold; in other words, the sale of second-hand items. The problem of this study is to determine if clothing resale benefits the economy and the environment. Purpose of Study According to the United States Department of Labor (2014), unemployment has been a significant problem since 2008. Recovery has been slow and clumsy in the recent years and the retail industry has suffered during the course of the trough. Americans find themselves unable to afford clothing at full retail value. Unwilling to place their declining economic status on display, some consumers have turned their attention to a

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