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BSHS 375 UOP Course Homework Aid Entire Class All DQs , Individual & Team Assignments /Information Management Systems & Technology in Human Services Click Link Below To Download Complete Class: BSHS 375 WeeK 1 DQ 1 Click Link Below To Download: Identify one health information technology advancement in the last decade that had an impact on human services and is not mentioned in the readings. Describe that impact and how it improved the delivery of the service. BSHS 375 WeeK 1 DQ 2 Click Link Below To Download:…show more content…
Identify and analyze two software applications excluding Microsoft® Excel®, PowerPoint®, and Word applications. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper summarizing your research of software applications used in your chosen human services organization. Include the following in your paper: • Identify the benefits of using this software to centralize electronic client records and human service resources. • How would you use the selected software to track client services? • Describe the advantages or disadvantages (if any) of using the software. • Explain if the size of the organization helps determine the software package chosen. Why or why not? • Identify 2 to 3 possible challenges that could occur during implementation and how you would resolve them. Format your paper consistent with APA…show more content…
This includes citing all of your sources, including your online sources. BSHS 375 WK 5 Individual Assignment - Quality Assurance Review Click Link Below To Download: Read the scenario and complete both Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 As the director of a community-based mental health agency, you receive a phone call from a school where one of your staff is providing services to a client. The teacher reports that the staff person is very talented, but is not open to feedback and does not tailor her interventions with the client according to his behavior on a specific day. She is also frequently late. This has created conflict between the teacher and the staff person. Examine this particular case and figure out if services are being provided appropriately. As a director, you gather information from the teacher, the staff person, the family, and anyone else involved in the case. Create a list of 7 to 10 questions that help guide your information gathering process, covering three basic components of quality assurance: • Proper provision of service • Client satisfaction with service • Proper

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