B7 Develop Strategic Direction and Leadership

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B7(2) Develop Strategic Direction and Leadership 1.1 Analyse own leadership style and use recognised leadership and management theories or models As a new member of the team, I am at present in what Tuckman called the forming, storming, norming and performing stages of his Team Development Model. As I am taking over from an established Lead IQA, then the actual job role has been defined and the team are aware of my responsibilities in the Company. However, at this point, although I have met each member of the team, I have not had a chance to establish base level expectations with them all. I have been able to identify similarities with them in that we are all working on the same qualifications, albeit that we each have our own skills and specialisms. As a team, we need to establish trust to enable us to go onto the next stage of the model, storming. At the storming stage, it is expected that the team will be identifying power and control issues, maybe trying to assert their own opinions and beliefs on the rest of the team. At this point, good communication needs to be established to enable the team to work effectively together. I have met the team together at a training session we all attended but we were on a level playing field with us all being learners. At the next full assessor meeting, I will have the opportunity to make an impression on the team as I am planning to put on a training session that I will be leading. This will give them the opportunity to react to my leadership skills and express any differences of ideas or feelings and opinions. These are all to be expected at this stage of the team building. It is hoped that the norming stage will be a natural progression through the team building with everyone agreeing the mutual aims and objectives of the Company and working as one to ensure the continued growth of the business.
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