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Questions for Discussion Assignment #1 1. Why is an understanding of the buying behavior of the customer insufficient for successful business marketing? (Q. 1, P. 83) - In order to be successful in business marketing the companies will have to not only understand the behaviors of the buyers-customers, but also have an understanding in the relationship between the buyers and the seller (our company). If in consumer marketing, having the consumers’ loyalty is very important, in B2B marketing it is even more crucial. - As my dad, a very successful entrepreneur and my role model, often says: “in business to business world, relationship and trust determines the future of our company’s performance”. - The relationship understanding is far more crucial than simply understanding the buying behavior of the customers because if we treat the buyers passively, we will have a flawed relationship and faulty strategy. Also, by gaining the buyer’s trust, we will not only have their future support, but also obtain new profitable relationships referred by them. 2. How can customer value be defined? (Q. 1 ,P. 114) - According to businessdictionary.com, customer value is “The difference between what a customer gets from a product, and what he or she has to give in order to get it.” In other words, it is a tradeoff between what customer receives and what he/she gives up in order to achieve it. - And this value’s perception also depends on the time frame or stage of customer life-cycle, in other words. Our textbook suggests that “the nature and determinants of customer value may change depending on the stage in the life-cycle; pre-purchase, post-purchase and long-term criteria for customer value assessment may be different”. - Also, customer value can be determined by the view of value of what the customers want, in specific situations, with the help of the services in order to

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