B122 Tma Assessment

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B122 An introduction to retail management and marketing B122 Assessment 2 of 15 Thursday 24th July 2014 Contents Overview iCMA skills test TMA 01 Part I Part II Guidance notes TMA 02 Part I Part II Guidance notes TMA 03 Part I Part II Guidance notes EMA EMA task Guidance notes 3 of 15 4 4 4 5 6 6 7 8 9 9 10 11 11 12 12 13 14 Thursday 24th July 2014 Overview Overview Assessment in B122 comprises an interactive computer-marked assignment (iCMA), three tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) and an end-of-module assessment (EMA). In order to pass B122, you need to achieve at least 40 per cent overall for the continuous assessment, i.e. the iCMA and TMAs, and at least 40 per cent for the EMA. Note that all TMAs and the EMA require you to write reports. Before you read any further you may wish to read this unit on essay and report writing skills. For all TMAs and the EMA we have provided further guidance notes at the end of each respective assessment. Any material from B122 or other article sources that you include in your assessments should be appropriately referenced. Any work that is cited and not referenced could be considered as an act of plagiarism. Read the document Preparing assessments – guidance on word limits, plagiarism and referencing for guidance. If you are unsure about any of these assessment elements, you should discuss this with your tutor. Remember to participate in all tutor group forum (TGF) discussions throughout your time studying B122. For all your TMAs, you are assessed by your tutor for your contribution to TGF discussions. If you fail to actively participate in your TGF, your tutor would be justified in awarding you no marks. iCMA skills test Cut-off date: 30 October 2014 The iCMA skills test aims to prepare you for your TMAs and EMA. It requires you to
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