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Part I Case Study: The Lodge Bistro Chain To: Patricia Lodge, CEO From: Part (a) This report is based on Study Session 2. The Lodge Bistro chain is currently experiencing problems in a number of areas. These problems are: • The company is facing growing competition from similar businesses and the concept is seen as outdated. • There is a threatening external environment (the economy is in recession). • Stakeholders are nervous about the future and the CEO is under pressure to respond to challenges. • There is an inconsistent approach by managers and conflict between established and incoming managers. • There is an ageing customer base. • Food and service quality are currently below the standards set by the company. • There is a high staff turnover, particularly with new members of staff leaving the company as soon as they have been trained. There are particular problems in the East Cheam bistro, with high staff turnover, poor financial results and quality standards not being met. (151 words) Part (b) I have chosen to use a SWOT analysis from study session 2 to analyse the situation. I believe this is useful as it can outline the current problems experienced by the Lodge chain and identify how opportunities and positive factors can be used to remedy these and take the business forward. The concept of a SWOT analysis identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats affecting a business. |Strengths |This is an established well known brand. | | |There is a loyal customer base. | | |Certain managers are trying new initiatives to attract custom from a population which is | | |dealing

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