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Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza Part I (a) Having looked at the present situation of the Ottershaw branch of Zinn’s restaurant, I have identified some problems in the functions of the business, notably within human resource management (HRM). Here are the areas I would like to discuss: • Training and development This has become a problem area due to the widely accepted belief that significant training is uneconomic due to Zinn’s high employee turnover. The lack of training is detrimental to the company as staff are not able to complete their duties to the best of their abilities. • Employee rewards The withdrawal of the employee entitlement to free soft drinks and food will no doubt have decreased morale and increased the chance of staff taking food without authorisation. • Discipline The use of scare tactics in the threat of CCTV to dissuade employees from taking and/or wasting food is increasing the “us” and “them” attitude already present in the restaurant. • Job design – who does what and how There is a lack of structure in regards to levels of seniority, especially during the night shifts, resulting in little control and discipline amongst the staff. (b) The issues being faced in the Ottershaw restaurant seem to be the result of ineffective HRM. This in turn is having a negative effect on other business functions such as accounting & finance and operations, due to their interdependence on each other. Preston (2006, p.69) states that “The success of any business is related to its ability to manage its operations efficiently, to make the best use of resources, and to meet the requirements of its customers effectively”. You mention that night managers do not receive any additional training for their roles and receive little extra in financial benefit, resulting in a lack of respect from their colleagues. This suggests that the operations within the

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