B120 Eca Essay

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Q1(a) SWOT Analysis for SHP | |Human Resource Management (HRM) |Accounting and Finance |Marketing | |Strengths |Entered onto ‘Best Company to Work |Profitable business with £10m annual |Established brand | | |For’ list indicating well motivated |income |Strong corporate customer base, | | |and satisfied staff |Good level of mark-up (30%) |including large well known | | |Staff equity share scheme – |Has already relocated business |businesses such as John Lewis, M&S | | |demonstrates value placed on |operations from high cost and high |Strong, clear ethical ethos | | |workforce |socioeconomic area (Wimbledon) |Rapidly growing market | | |Settled staff |Forecast 20% growth in current year | | | |Dominant leader in market place – |(£10m to £12m) | | | |stable employment opportunities | | | |Weaknesses |Unclear HRM strategy |Lack of research into requirements to |No strategy for targeting domestic | | |Low staff numbers leads to poor |list on Alternative Investment Market |users to source products | | |resilience |(AIM) |No clear plan in place to develop | | |Rapid

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