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My first career choice to pursue would be Speech Therapy. The benefits of this major definitely outweigh the potential opportunity costs. I was fortunate enough to job shadow multiple speech therapists in several different atmospheres before ultimately discovering this would be a field I’d truly enjoy everyday. Advancing into a position in the medical field would guarantee myself a much higher pay compared to working in a high school. My ultimate goal is to work with recovering cancer patients. My passion for helping people brings joy to my own life. On the contrary, working with people who are fighting for their lives takes a huge emotional toil on the therapist. This being a possible opportunity cost for it could potentially flow over into my own personal life. This career path has one of the highest rates of employment after graduation. While nothing is guaranteed, there are several employment opportunities possible such as, private practices, schools, and medical facilities. My second potential career choice would be a Special Education Teacher. The benefits of this career include; the opportunity to work in a school, which guarantees that I’d receive holiday breaks off including summer. This extra free time off work would be a major benefit when I begin having children. One, I do not have to enroll them in daycare during those breaks, and two I get to be more present in their lives. The joy and immediate impact the students would bring to my life would be indescribable; along with the opportunity to work closely to a school my future children will be involved in. Along with choosing this career comes a few minor opportunity cost. For starters the pay at a public school is “peanut pay”, my husband would definitely have to be the breadwinner. Job placement after graduation is particularly low in this field, not completely obsolete, but just limited. Benefits of

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