Aztecs vs Incas

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• • The Incas and Aztecs, empires that both peaked in the 16th century, shared many differences and similarities socially and politically. The Incas were the more powerful empire because the Aztecs were more focused on their religion and had a better social system. • • The Incas were at first a little tribe that was a chiefdom, or form of political organization with rule by a hereditary leader. They used Andean social and economic customs. Incas were pastoralists meaning their military strength and success based on how many llamas and alpacas you had. Woman in the Inca society wove cloth and the men drove animals to trade. The chiefs did judicial functions. The royal family supposedly came from the sun which was the most important Inca god. The Incas sacrificed a lot like the Aztecs did, they sacrificed textiles, animals, and more. The Inca calendar is not known, weaving and metallurgy built on prior developments. The Incas did not show new technology or anything they just added to the area’s wealth. After a while the Inca Empire had a crisis. The death of their ruler made a fight for the spot. After the civil war the people then spread out over many miles of land. • • The Aztecs were a little different. They were serfs; or agricultural laborers; and mercenaries. Powerful aristocrats selected new rulers from male members of the ruling ancestors. War made you higher in social rank because it had a religious meaning. New emperors of Aztecs were elected by nobles who were related to the last ruler. Normally they were the brothers or sons of the ruler. They had to be educated, 30 year old, nobles in order to rule. In the Inca Empire the emperor was the ruler of the state. Their empire was divided into four different sections, which is why they were called “land of the four corners’. • • In the Inca civilization since the king was the son of the god,

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