Aztecs Very Short Essay

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The Aztec Civilisation 2012 9/8/2012 INDEX: Page 1. Title Page Page 2. Index Page 3. Introduction Page 4 Aztec diet Page 5,6 Aztec architecture Page 7,8 Aztec weaponry and war techniques Page 9 Aztec downfall Page 10 Aztec sacrifices Page 11 Aztec Gods Page 12 Aztec Farming techniques Page 13 Aztec life style Page 14 Aztec location Page 15 Conclusion Page 16 Reference page Introduction It is believed that somewhere around 1300, a wandering tribe of Indians found the Valley of Mexico and settled this was the start of the Aztec civilisation. The Aztec people were a very religious and military forced race existing from the year 1200 to 1520. They used different types of methods of farming to assure the maximum production of produce for their people. Their beliefs involved constant sacrifices to their gods. Messy was one way to describe the Aztec people but unhygienic would be more appropriate. Read on to find out about the Aztec people and this unusual race. Aztec Diet Like modern day Mexico the Aztec people liked their spices, food was usually rich and spicy. In fact many of the Aztecs flavoured their food with chilli peppers and pepper. One of the main foods is the tlaxcalli (taco). This is a flat bread corn pancake this food was usually stuffed with meat and vegetables. Most of the wild meat that the Aztecs acquired where geese, duck and rabbit they caught these animals by making traps and spearing them or using a poison dart pipe. There was only two meats the Aztec people raised by hand turkey and dog. Another heavy part of the Aztec diet was their fruits and vegetables but one of the strong components to the vegetable was maize (corn) because it’s easy to grow in the area of Mexico. For this reason the maize was used as a staple in the
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