Aztec vs Mongol

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Both the Aztec empire and the Mongol empire were great empires, both being significant power houses of culture and politics. In terms of the rise in these empires, they share similarities and differences. They are similar in that they practiced violent rule over people, had class system, and method of ruling over the conquered areas. However, they had differences in that they carried different trade routes, different system of governing, and language which contribute to each rise in the Aztec and Mongol empires. In both empires, people were ruled violently and were organized into similar class structures. The ruler of the Mongol empire, Genghis Khan, gained stronger power conquering more territories which he did brutally and aggressively and by killing his enemies. On the same side, the Aztec empire slaughtered people in excuse of sacrifice for gods and gave more power to the chief of men. The reason why they were similar was because with violent strict rules, there were less people who revolted against the laws. Therefore, it was easier for the empires to rise in power quickly and not deal with the rebels. In addition, both empires had similar class structures. In the Mongol empire, they were put at the top and the Han Chinese at the bottom - after they invaded the Song dynasty in the late 1270s. In the Aztec empire, the nobles were put at the top and the prisoners of war at the bottom, along with slaves. With prisoners of war at the very bottom, both empires were safe from getting their power taken away from them. Both Aztec and the Mongol also shared similar methods of conquering lands, in which they extracted tribute from the conquered people. The Aztecs and Mongols also shared differences - different trade routes, systems of governing, and language which contributed to each rising empire. While the Mongols were able to flourish their trade through the Silk
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