Aztec Sports and Roman Sports

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Blood and gore is all Romans cared for their sports, they cared for only slashing, staving, and crushing up bodies. Romans were violent people when it came to the kind of sports they played. The Roman Empire was a big one, perhaps one of the biggest empires. Usually out of power, and strength comes corruption out of an empire. That is what accured to the Roman people, that’s what occurs to us when we sin. One drop of sin corrupts us all over. Their sports also became corrupt and bloody. Their main sport was Gladiators, gladiators were usually slaves which were captured, owed debts, or prisoners. Most of these slaves were trained to kill, to anhalliate their enemies. They were trained to give the crowds amusement. That’s what the purpose of Roman sports was. Gladiators were given few weapons. They were given a sword to stave their opponent and make him bleed to death. Shields so they could protect themselves from flying arrows or slashes that were shot directly towards them to cause harm. Gladiators meant pride usually. A gladiator would gain his pride through out Rome, reaching up to the point that they would go to the Coliseums for their fights. A gladiator had to gain the crowds respect for him to survive if the crowds loved him they would ask for their lives to be spared. They had various ways for showing sings of mercy either by the crowd raising their thumbs for the desire of death. Putting their thumbs down for the spare of life. Commodes a famous emperor went as a gladiator to try to get his respect from the crowd as an emperor. Gladiator was their main sport. Their sport did not honor any god or anything religious. It was plain entertainment. Their entertainment was watching Gladiators plea for their mercy or die. Aztec was one of the most civilized in Central America. Aztec’s played sports also, their sports were like today’s sports. Except they were

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