Aztec Social Structure

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Identify the economic, political and social structures and explain how they fit together to make an Aztec Empire? The ecomomical, political and social structures of this empire make it run efficiently. How all the classes work together and how the people answer to a city state ruler. It was an empire of strength and leadership by the different rulers of the Aztec empire. The early Aztec economy consisted of a type of barter system as this was a pre-capitalist society. Minor purchases were made with cacao beans imported from lowlands. In the marketplaces, a small rabbit might have been worth 30 beans, an egg cost 3 beans while larger purchases of cloth could range from 65 to 300 cacao beans. 

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Aztec society was extremely hierarchal. The main groups were the nobility the peasants/artisans, the merchants and the slaves. All the males in the Aztec society could be warriors and on from their they can become wealthy. Nobility always stayed in the families and the sons got more training because theyre parents hired people to make them better warriors. The pesants stayed in little groups around each other. The slaves made up the other signifcant portion of Aztec society with the peasants. Pesants played an important role in the Aztec society and they could even own slaves. They could buy their liberty and were occassionally set free upon the death of their masters if they had performed great service. The merchants wereused to gather information for the government and they connected different parts of the empire even though they were a small group, because they did these thing this made them very important. Aztec society admired soilders that were wounded or died in battle, this was a great honor or respect to your family because it showed how you respected and fought for your empire. So long as you were a warrior, society looked after you and you lived comfortably. Priests were the last little group of people but they served a very big importance too in this Aztec empire. Woman’s jobs were to run the household in most occasions but they also were skilled in weaving and sowing

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