Aztec Sacrifice

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Why did we select the Aztecs as our topic? Asides from being geographically located extremely near the nation [Mexico] that once provided a home to many civilizations, wars, conquerors, and the development of mixed cultures, our group chose to study Aztec history and its religious and cultural system because we were genuinely intrigued by this ancient empire. Although no longer an “active” culture, many Aztec beliefs are rooted deep within many natives of Mexico (perhaps even other surrounding areas) and some people even continue to consider themselves as Aztecs. We wanted to learn about the powerful growth of the Aztec empire and the reasons why they engaged in the type of rituals they practiced, particularly human sacrifice, which appears…show more content…
Discovered records show that at a certain point in Aztec history, there were between twenty-thousand and eighty-thousand people sacrificed to the gods within a period of only four days (“Aztec Temple of Blood Documentary”). Although inconclusive of the actual number of sacrifices, a team of experts decided to test the way in which people were sacrificed and the time it took for each sacrifice to take place in order to determine whether it was possible to have such an immense number of sacrifices in four days (“Aztec Temple of Blood Documentary”). The results from the scientists in the documentary showed that, when using a particular sacrificial knife and opening the area under the individual’s sternum to take out his/her heart, in addition to the ritualistic offering to the four gods and the release of the individual for a new one to be sacrificed, it would take an average of two minutes, which would make it possible for about twenty-thousand people to be sacrificed within four days. Such speed would be possible to maintain due to the willingness of the sacrificial tributes to be the blood-shedders for their gods and a better afterlife (“Aztec Temple of Blood
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