Aztec Empire Essay

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Identify the economic, political and social structures and explain how they fit together to make an Aztec Empire? The ecomomical, political and social structures of this empire make it run efficiently. How all the classes work together and how the people answer to a city state ruler. It was an empire of strength and leadership by the different rulers of the Aztec empire. The early Aztec economy consisted of a type of barter system as this was a pre-capitalist society. Minor purchases were made with cacao beans imported from lowlands. In the marketplaces, a small rabbit might have been worth 30 beans, an egg cost 3 beans while larger purchases of cloth could range from 65 to 300 cacao beans. 

The highly developed empire had an elaborate leadership and society that consisted of four classes.Governmental office positions were usually inherited, but one could be awarded an office through exemplary service to the emperor. Slavery was quite common. Aztec communities were heavily dependant upon agriculture with corn being the central crop; though they also relied somewhat on hunting and gathering. Crop surpluses were stored and used during hard times. The Aztec also had sophisticated irrigation systems, allowing them to farm otherwise dry lands. They farmed shallow lakes by scooping up mud and forming islands called chinampas. These islands provided very fertile land that was profitable for growing crops. The Aztecs did not rule directly over their empire, but indirectly through hegemony. It would conquer a city-state but then reestablish the local ruler, only interfering with his governing when they did not pay their tribute to the Aztecs. The Empire was established in 1428 after a period of competition between the altepetl which was followed by a time of growth and conquest. In the regions they conquered, allowing for efficient use in their

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