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The Aztecs: What Should History Say? As a young Spaniard walks toward the Aztec Civilization he sees thousands of people crowded around one large pyramid chanting and screaming. First he wondered what was going on, but as he got closer he realized what was really going on. Aztec history is usually portrayed as being very violent and horrid. They were known for brutally killing people during human sacrifice. This is a strong European bias of the Aztec Civilization. Most people do not know about the Aztec’s military and social life. Instead of the Aztecs being known for their brutal ways they should be known for their strong military and their interesting and complex social life. When the Europeans found the Aztec Civilization they recorded everything they saw. The thing is they recorded from their point of view. When the Europeans saw the Aztecs they just saw a group of savages that did not know how to control themselves. Europeans discovered the Aztec Civilization in either 1492, 1519 or 1534. The Aztec Civilization was on e of the most powerful empires in the western hemisphere. (Document A) “They considered their capital the ‘queen’ of all settlements.” (Document A) Tenochtitlan was the capital. In Tenochtitlan the Aztecs made public human sacrifices. They would cut the Indian’s chest open, rip their beating heart out and then presented it to the idol that they made the sacrifice for. Afterwards they cut off the Indian’s arms, thighs and head. Then they ate the arms and thighs at the ceremony, and hung the head on a beam. The body was given to the beasts of prey. (Document G) Thousands of men were sacrifices and their blood covered the temple

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