Aztec And Onondaga

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The Aztec and Onondaga tribe are in no way similar in language, culture, and region but they do have one thing in common, a creation story; that they have kept with them long, even after their existence, to be recorded today. A creation story of both tribes would be their only similarity in common because of the complexity of the Aztec creation over the Onondaga and it's short and simple creation. Although, so vastly different, only one common but crucial detail is made that the Earth was created on a creature in the Aztec myth because of the four brothers that had destroyed the beast. Also, being that in the Onondaga, the Earth was created on the turtles back when the mouse achievable gathered dirt form the bottom of the ocean to smear on the turtle back. This land so teamed with life and that living beings could then populate the Earth. This all became well the start of the world in the Onondaga, but in the Aztec myth, this would only be the beginning and then to the destruction of this world. In the Onondaga creation story, on a few dualities populate the heavens and that the wife of the chief falls from the heavens, at the aid of animals, they help create the world. Although in the Aztec Creation story, a number of gods were created from a one god in the beginning. This one god start the universe and thus the care takers of the world, in other words the different suns. At the start the four sons on Omochochelili, were the guardians that were soon to be the sons and the suns. It would lead on to their families and so on. In the Onondaga creation, it took multiple tries to gather the mud from the bottom of the ocean to smear on the turtles back, but the Aztec myths took four tries of different worlds to finally on a fifth try to create a perfect world in their eyes. This fifth world that we now live in today, is the result of blood shed and family feuds

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