Aztec And Inca Dbq Essay

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The cultural development of the Aztecs and Incas is revealed throughout central and southern America. Their architecture, influence, government and rituals that they left behind provide the level of cultural development that the Aztecs and Incas experienced. The Aztecs and Incas created a prosperous and prevalent empire that continued to grow until the end. Documents 2, 8, 9, 10, and 13 show the Aztecs and Incas architecture. Document 2 illustrates a carved symbol on the Tenayuca Pyramid and illustrates some kind of written language that the Aztecs used. Document 8 portrays chinampas, man made islands, that the Aztecs constructed to float on a lake and that was used for farming. Document 8 is evidence of the Aztecs improvement by showing their capability to create things to help them cultivate and grow. Document 9 proves the Incas advance because it provides a picture of a wall of a place of the ruler, Inca Roca, which is so strongly compacted that nothing can fit between the stones. The Incas created a straw extension bridge, which is shown in Document 10, to help them travel and expand. Document 13 shows Machu Picchu, an Inca creation, which housed many residents that included temples and other public…show more content…
Architecture created trade, the ability to expand and agriculture growth as well as displaying their language which helped the Aztecs and Incas grow culturally. The Aztecs and Incas expanded culturally also by influencing the people around them and then those groups also influencing them through expansion and trade. Their governments soon began to develop culturally by generating a hierarchy and including religion within the government. The development of the calendar along with their rituals and sacrifices brought them even higher up culturally. These documents verify the extensive cultural development of the Aztecs and

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