Aztec Agriculture And Microwavable Meals Essay

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Emeri Callahan GenEd 111 Van Lanen 11/18/19 Aztec Agriculture and Microwavable Meals The Aztec nation has a reputation for violent human sacrifice, primitive hunting and culture, and ancient mystical religious ideals. Survival in the past depended on their community, hunting and foraging skills, and clever ways to solve problems. The Aztec’s method of survival was based in agriculture and religious beliefs. Along with their methods of collecting natural food sources the Aztecs routinely practiced cannibalism. The Aztec culture had many reasons for human sacrifice, something that is looked upon as a wretched and disturbing food source in today’s society, but given the environment and beliefs in their ancient civilization it is clear that sacrifice to them was not only religiously mandatory, but also a necessity for survival as well. In the present day American modern food industry supplies us with caloric and fatty foods that once the Aztecs died for lack of. The differences between the Aztec food sources and agriculture and present day American’s are extreme and separated by a blockade of cultural conflicts. The U.S. has gravitated away from the agricultural techniques once used by hunter-gatherers comparable to ancient Aztecs and has graduated to the modern food industry of fast-food chains and microwavable meals described by Michael Pollan, the author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which carries both some similarities and differences in the methods used to this historical civilization. The agricultural environment of Mesoamerica in the Aztecan era and the challenges that accompanied it are exactly opposite from that of the landscape of modern American food industries and the problems that come affiliated with the direction it has been turned. It was difficult for the Aztecs to forage food because “Produce and grains came from agricultural fields dispersed

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