Azerbaijan Essay

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Amores 1.1 – “Do I have to?” I was preparing to publish arms and violent wars with subject matching meter, the lower line was equal [to the first]; Cupid is said to have laughed and to have stolen away one foot. “Who gave you, cruel boy, this authority over these songs? We poets are the throng of Muses, not yours. What if Venus were to snatch away the arms of golden-haired Minerva, what if Minerva were to fan the lighted torches? Who would allow Ceres to rule the ridged woods, the field being cultivated under the law of the maiden wearing the quiver? Who would equip Apollo, distinguished by his hair, with a spear, while Mars was strumming the Aonian lyre? There are, boy, great and powerful kingdoms for you; why do you work for a new task so ambitiously? Or is that which is everywhere yours? Is the Heliconian valley yours? Is even Phoebus’ lyre scarcely safe now? When each new page has begun well with the first line, that next line weakens my power. Nor is there to me a subject suited to a lighter meter, a boy or girl adorned with long locks,” I complained, when he, with opened quiver, chose arrows made for my destruction and strongly bent his sinuous bow on his knee. He said, “Take, Bard, a work which you may sing.” My misery! That boy had unerring arrows. I burn, and love reigns in my empty breast. Let my work rise in the six meter, let it fall in the five. Farewell, iron wars with your meters. Encircle your temples with myrtle from the sea shore, Muse, moderated by every eleven feet. 5 10 15 20 25 30 1 Amores 1.2 – “Damn It, cupID, I’m your vIctIm.” What may I say this to be, that the bed seems so hard to me, nor do the covers sit on my bed, and I traversed the night (how long!) empty from sleep, and the tired bones of my twisted body suffer? For I think I would notice if I were being attacked by love or does it sneak up, cunning, and do
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