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NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, DELHI Sector-14, Dwarka, New Delhi -78 THIRD ANNUAL NLUD EDUCATION DAY ESSAY COMPETITION, 2012 The Legal Services Committee, National Law University, Delhi announces the launch of the Third Annual NLUD Education Day Essay Competition. MAULANA ABUL KALAM AZAD Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was an Indian scholar and a senior political leader of the Ind ian independence movement. Following India’s independence he became the first Minister of Education in Indian Government. The vision that Mualana Azad set out for education was that of universal education of basic pattern for all children of school going age, followed by a diversified secondary education. His birthday, November 11th is celebrated as National Education Day. NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, DELHI The National Law University, Delhi (NLUD), has been established with a mandate to transform and redefine the process of legal education, and to create a sui generis legal education system that is able to chisel a new generation of lawyers that are able, competent and humane, and who would permeate into the structure of legal system of this country and the world, to meet the challenges of ever-evolving human society TOPIC: CRAFTING HUMAN RIGHTS CULTURE THROUGH EDUCATION “I am convinced that the development of a culture of human rights throughout the world is one of the most important contributions that can be made to future generations. The foundation for this culture is enshrined in the principles of the Universal Declaration. A culture of human rights would result in a profound change in how individuals, communities, states and the international community view relationships in all matters. Such a culture would make human rights as much a part of the lives of individuals as are language, customs, the arts, faith and ties to place. In this culture, human rights would not

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